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Malignic, the evil robotic creature is conquering the entire galaxy. People had organized the rebel force and resited to malignic, but unfortuntely all of them had been kinapted except the one pilot. This miserable pilot now have to resque all of his friends and defeat the malignic. Will he success his mission and save the galaxy ?

Galaxy rebel force is a multi-directional arcade shooter which highly inspired by asteroids and sinistar. With the help of unlimited shield, powerful charge shots, and special weapons, you must eliminate every enemies on the screen and proceed to the next level.

- Frantic, fast phased gameplay.

- Generous health system and unlimited shield for novice players.

- Campaigh mode - 6 challenging areas and bosses.

- Arcade mode - Simple, quick enjoyment with online scoreboard.

Arrows : move

 Z : Thrust

 X : shoot

 Space bar : special weapon

Shift : shield Enter : Pause/select

The game also provides mouse controls

If you have any suggestions about the game, feel free to contact me. Thank you !

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Authorhijong park
TagsAsteroids, Retro


Galaxy rebel force(1.3.0).zip 7 MB