This is my attempt of Porting a vector scan arcade game Armor Attack to pico8.

Control a combat jeep and destroy enemy tanks and helicopters.

Tanks require 2 shots to destroy, 1 shot only disables its movement.

Destroying helicopters increases the bonus score you get when you completely destroy a tank, and Destroying 5 of them gives you an extra jeep while resetting the bonus score.

Press O button in title screen to select accel key as Up or O button.

Due to pico8's environments the gameplay had been changed quite a lot :

  • Much simplified playfield
  • lower resolutions means less space to move, Be careful when tanks are surrounding you.
  • No co-op mode.
  • The original game suffered from a programming oversight, where the player can easily destroy helicopters by facing the wall and spamming bullets. In this port the player's bullet need to last more than 3 frames to hit the helicopter, so you can't abuse this trick. Instead, I have nerfed the helicopter's speed so you can outmaneuver and shoot them.

Anti-aliased vectors by elice and freds72.

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Authorhijong park
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, Demake, PICO-8, Remake, Vector, War


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Wow, this one is hard! I'm always blown away by how good you are at porting games. Keep it up!

Oooo! cool!