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Berzerk Roguelike is a Roguelike version of the classic shooter Berzerk, made in just 3 days.

It was inspired by simplistic roguelikes including Hoplite, 868-hack, Hyperrogue, and The board game version of Berzerk.

There are 3 modes:

1. Classic : Turn-based version of the classic berzerk. Explore almost endless maze and get the highest score.

2. Maze escape : Pass 8 mazes and get into the portal to win.

3. Daily challenge : Similar to Maze escape but the procedural generation seed is based on the date.

Since I'm currently working on other project this game won't be updated right now.

Once I finish the main project, I'm planning to add more contents including bosses from Frenzy (Big Otto, Factory, Generator, Power plant) and more items.

Read Help for more instructions.


Berzerk roguelike.zip 3 MB

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