A downloadable game for Windows

Choky Suppression! is a minimalistic, fast-phased first person shooter.

Infiltrate a mystery fortress with your hover tank and fight with deadly killer drones!

also don't waste too much time, Or the AI-controlled lava will kill you.

Features :

  • Unexpectable, fast-phased combats.
  • Procedurally generated mazes.
  • Two Different game modes : Never ending suppression and Capture the flag
  • Online leaderboards for both game modes.


Choky Suppression! 1.1.zip 4 MB


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I'm getting errors after the name entry

That's strange, the scoreboard works just fine to me and other people.

Then it's probably either internet issue or wine issue. (I'm using wine 2.0 on mac)

Yup. Internet issue. Turned the VPN off and the scoreboard was loaded properly.