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Hiya, I *really*, really loved this and Rolling Bird! 

What would be the best way to contact you about a maybe kinda-cool project? 👀

Thanks, but I'm currently focusing on fantasy consoles like pico8 and tic-80.

Ah, no worries! It was more about potentially including those two games on a physical compilation showcasing indie games, not like a whole new project thing aha. Let me know if you're interested and I can email more details - no worries if not! Feel free to delete these comments if it seems spam-y haha.

THIS GAME IS GREAT. I randomly downloaded it because I was stalling doing homework and MAN is it charming! I spent 2 hours playing it! It's so challenging and so cool/funny! Keep up the good work!

Glad you like it. thank you.

fantastic love it

great style & movement mechanics

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glad you like it. It was my first 3d game but unfortuately leaved being unfinished because there were too many issues to fix.

this game very good

Such an awesome Game!!!