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There was a mysterious jewel called lianhein.
it had the special magic that gives someone who touched it the immortality, and it is heavily protected by licolfstan empire.

Conrad allen now starts the adventure to steal lianhein, with his bizarre girl friend who has the world's strangest fetish.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Authorhijong park
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags8-Bit, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


nutty-dimension(1.5.2).zip 23 MB


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Awesome game!

Featuring a genuis level design, fluid sprite movement, and an easy to use weapon system.

Not just a run-n-gun.

The player has to make choices and sacrifices.

Which path will you walk first?

If I bypass the 'optional' equipment, how much sooner will I die?

One must have a strategy to stay alive and survive this twsted puzzle platform gauntlet.

Thanks for enjoying my game! i never expected someone would leave a comment here.