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Hi Hijong, I enjoyed this game very much. However, there is a problem I am having with the controls.

Reconfiguring the controls simply doesn't work. As soon as you input the last key for "pause", it immediately opens the control assignment prompt again, sending you into an infinite loop and leaving you with no choice but to close the game.

I am used to controlling the game with the arrow keys and as it stands, configuring the controls isn't possible because of this glitch.

Sorry for late response, yes I found that bug as well and will fix it now.

updated to 1.8.4, now it's fixed.


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Hi Hijong,

Awesome Defender remake.  Just writing to report a small bug I encountered in the current version (1.6.5).  If you rebind the controls (using a controller), it asks to you press the buttons for "Fire", "Bomb", "Special", "Thrust", "Reverse", and "Pause".  However, the buttons it ASKS you to bind and the buttons it ACTUALLY binds are different.  I believe it swaps the thrust and reverse buttons with the bomb and special buttons.  I was able to figure out a workaround, but this is a bug worth fixing. Cheers!

Thanks for the report, I have uploaded the patch.

Hello Hijong,

I’ve been playing Pentasma, and it is an awesome game. Any hardcore defender player will love it!  Thank you again for writing it. There are quite a few of my “DADROCKS” entries in the high score table. As you can see I am addicted!

As I have played it many times, I have a few bug reports that you will find useful.

  • By default, the progressive high score table game option is enabled. After 4 levels it appears to show your progress score. If I leave this game menu option enabled, I cannot progress past the progressive high score table. X to continue does not work. The game gets stuck here and none of the buttons will allow me to continue. I can still fly around, so the game has not crashed. I have had to disable the progressive high score table option to play the game past the first few levels.
  • If the game is running for some time (more than about 5 minutes), the high score upload function at the end of the game does not work. After each game, I have to shut the program down with ALT-F4, and restart it to play my next game, so that the high score upload will work. It is almost as if the connection with the high score server is timing out.
  • A minor point: Humans “have” arrived…rather than humans has arrived. 

I’m running Windows 10 (64 bit), and using a Microsoft xbox one PC controller. I have installed the game on 2 PCs and the same problems exist on both. I run version 1.3 full screen in standard mode.

The problems with the high score table persist when I run the game as administrator.

Now that you have made an awesome version of Defender, I would love to see you write a version of Robotron with added characters and game plot. You are a talented game maker! Keep up the great work! Once your game is up on Steam, I will gladly donate.

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Thanks for playing and feedbacks.

The first issue was acutally a controller input error. About the second issue, I tested it several times and even tried disconnecting and then reconnecting internet mid-game but the highscore worked just fine to me. So unfortunately I can't handle this issue.

I have released 1.4.0 patch to fix other issues and add some tweaks. Can you download 1.4.0 version and see if the highscore feature still doesn't work after some minutes ?

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I've tried version 1.4. The progressive high score table feature now works.

The end game high score table also seems to be working also, even after an hour or so, and repeated plays. Well done and thanks!



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Glad it works ! thanks for testing.

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IMPORTANT! In the tutorial that you can't skip, when the prompt for shooting comes up the invader is just too low to hit so I can't play the actual game please fix fast, I want to play your game

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Oh! That's really fatal ! Thanks for reporting it, I'll fix it ASAP. I should have tested this twice, sorry about that.


I have uploaded 1.1, The tutorial works fine as I tested it.


This is honestly the best Defender remake I've found! The graphics and SFX are spot on, and I can tell a lot of work was put into enemies and powerups.


Thanks, Glad you like it.