This is a demake of The world's first co-operative shooter, Rip Off.

You must protect fuels from pirate ships at all cost.

The players have unlimited amount of tanks, but once the pirates steal all your fuels it's game over.

there are 6 types of pirates that has different movement speed and maneuverability. if you defeat all 6 waves of pirates, you get an additional score when destroying pirate ships.

I personally didn't like that the original game tends to end way too quickly so I added some changes :

  • Enemies' maneuverability are slightly nerfed, but now each waves have 4 (one more in coop) pirates in max difficulty.
  • If you managed to defeat all 6 waves, you get a bonus fuel.

About Options :

  1. Number of fuels : number of fuels to protect. 8 or 16.
  2. Bonus fuel : getting a bonus fuel after 6th wave. Disabling it makes the game closer to the original.
  3. Level down : If pirates managed to steal fuels you get a punishment. if 1 fuel is stolen you have to repeat the same wave, and if they steal more than one you go back to the previous wave. Disabling it makes the game to keep progressing even if you lost fuels.
  4. Enemy num : Max number of enemies. increased spawns 4(+1) enemies, original is same as rip off.
  5. p1 & p2 accel key : setting the acceleration as O button or up for each players.
  6. color mode : setting the color mode as colorized or black and white like the original game.

Anti-aliased vectors by elice and freds72.

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Authorhijong park
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, Co-op, Demake, PICO-8, Remake, Vector


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boutta install this in 6 hours once i wake up