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After using game maker studio for years, I decided to make games with pico8 this time.

This is my First PICO 8 project, Sphere buster.

It plays just like asteroids, press left or right to turn the ship, press Z to thrust, X to shoot, and hold down to activate shield.

you must destroy all enemies on the screen including spheres, saucers, and magnet missiles. after the regular wave, a bonus wave starts where you destroy blue aliens, get 3 different weapon power ups and shield recharger, and can't wrap around the screen. If you die in this wave, you automically pass to the next regular wave.

Every 5th wave features giant spheres.

ypu get a bonus life after every 1000 points.

Some tips :

  • Yellow saucers are deadly, especially after 5000 points. Move the ship and activate the shield wisely to survive.
  • manually pressing X is faster than holding to fire.
  • the shield's energy decreases when the shield is collided with enemies or absorbed bullets. you can't use shield if the energy ran out.

Any feedbacks are welcome!

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Authorhijong park
TagsArcade, Asteroids, PICO-8, Retro, Score Attack


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Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like we will need to purchase Pico-8 to run this game, yes?  Voxatron looks pretty interesting too =)

Addendum - I just picked up both of them, I may see what I can make myself thanks to your inspiration. =)

You can just play it here. Is pico8 HTML not visible for you ?

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Thanks, I actually already bought pico-8 and Voxatron anyway.  Sphere Buster is fun.  I'll see if I can make something fun myself...