This is my attempt of demaking japan's best selling action game (according to sierra online's claiming) THEXDER.

The mysterious asteroid called 'NEDIAM' had captured weapon development ship 'Leifina' with strong magnetic force.

Before starving to death, the crew members of Leifina decided to send the Hyper Dual Armor prototype TEGZER into NEDIAM to deactivate the magnetic force generator in it and escape.

NEDIAM is appearantly a very hostile entity with various defense systems who destroy anything that is not a part of itself. You may not get out of there alive, but your noble sacrifice will save many lives.

How to play :

Press X button to use laser. In humanoid form, the laser automically attacks all accessible targets, and in jet form it simply goes straight. Holding laser in humonoid form allows you to moonwalk.

Press O button activates shield, in the exchange of 10 energy. Shield is the most important key to survival in NEDIAM. Use it wisely.

Press down in humanoid form or the opposite direction in jet form to transform. In Jet form, you can fly around and get into narrow tunnels.

Some NEDIAM defence systems give you energy when destroyed. Don't miss them !

Don't waste your time. If you spend too much time in the level, you will be embushed by deadly misssile squads.

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Authorhijong park
Made withPICO-8
TagsDemake, Mechs, PICO-8, Robots


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Вау, играл в детстве в оригинал. И даже в psp версию :)