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Xentron Attack is a multi-directional shooter inspired by Atari's Asteroids Deluxe.

The evil alien forces called Xentron have invaded your galaxy and spreading dangerous meteors and missiles in the space. It's now up to 2 elite fighters to eliminate Xentrons and save the humanity.

Features :

- Vector graphics.

- Fast-phased gameplay inspired by Asteroids Deluxe.

- Very Smart enemies who calculates your movements. Use shield and warp wisely.

- Every 3th waves feature special challenges. Fight with Xentron units and eventually destroy the bosses.

- Dock with special docking weapons to increase your firepower.

- 2 players gameplay.  Play cooperatively or competitly for greater scores.

- Online Leaderboard to compete with other people. You must set 3 or smaller start lives, 10000 bonus score, and intermediate or harder difficulties to access leaderboard after the game is over.

- Supports Xinput controllers. 

Note : This game requires quick and precise button pressing. Arcade Fighting sticks or keyboards are highly recommended and Gamepads can be the worst choice for this game.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorhijong park
TagsArcade, Asteroids, atari, Co-op, Endless, Fast-Paced, Retro, Space, Vector


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So I tried it at last with my friend and we had some fun with it. ^_^ But noticed several issues also. First of all sometimes after changing controls menu freezes for some reason. At the same time it definitely works cause we hear some sounds. Another thing - in case if we press shift the game slows down. Pressing shift again put it all back.

P.S. It would be exciting to see from you some coop game with helicopters like Hornet Virus or Night of the little birds (not necessary with two helicopters, probably two players controlling one copter).

I accidently forgot to remove debug feature. Thanks for reporting it.

And I agree that 2 player coop in one helicopter would be fun.